So What Happened to Ghana Has Oil?!

Ghana: World’s most expensive fuel nation – COPEC, ICU dey claim
 “Why Nana, you break your promise!”

“Why Nana, you break your promise! Why Nana, you break your promise! Why my sweet Nana you kill our drivers ‘skolom.”

As opposition leader for New Patriotic Party (NPP), President Nana Akufo-Addo promise say dem go reduce fuel prices make Ghanaians enjoy but dis promise still dey traffic inside.

Ghana people carry placard dey protest fuel price

Dis be di song wey drivers for Ghana dey sing as dem embark on demma ‘Teso Oo Te so’ demo for Accra.

Executive Secretary for Chamber of Petroleum Consumers (COPEC), Duncan Amoah, reveal sey Ghana get issues plus fuel prices since June 2017 but dis year dieer e over dem.

Ghana people carry placard dey protest fuel price

Before-before den di price of petrol be 0.70 – 0.80 cents per litre, but now you go pay over $1 dollar before you fit buy one litre petrol.

But di Ghana National Petroleum Authority say dem no dey control di price of fuel, plus dem already try reduce di impact on consumers demma top. Di protestors give government two weeks make dem change things.

Dem also dey hope say President Akufo-Addo will go respond to di fuel price concerns for in state of the nation address, Thursday.

According to Mr Amoah, if you do di maths e mean say Ghanaians dey pay almost $5 dollars before for petrol one gallon.

According to di drivers, President Akufo-Addo dey kill dem plus di high fuel prices which dey affect demma business.

Dem dey chant, te so Oo te so! Drivers today pour out for street to as dem dey protest against four fuel price increases within one month.

COPEC Ghana, Committed Drivers Association, Ghana Importers and Exporters Association den other groups say if government no reduce di fuel prices, dem go hit di streets again.


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